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Happy birthday to doctorow and ojouchan!

Hello to new reader kebechet!

Oh, hi. Cymbalta ramp-up is kicking my butt. *headshake* *wince* It's not as bad as the ramp-up on anti-seizure meds, for which I am grateful. I'm just crushingly nauseous + exhausted and having difficulty actually getting to sleep. And yes, exhaustion + nausea are my regular state of things, but this exhaustion pretty much = me lying in bed or on the couch all day without the energy to move. Other side effects... I don't know if it's related, but I'm clenching my jaw a lot. And I know this is related: blurred vision. Yeah. No driving for the 'song, not even the one-minute run to the post office.

Two weeks, you say? *hangs in there*

As for the anti-seizure med side effects - was up early, took 'em, went back to sleep, slept through anything.

Hey, y'know what else is in two weeks? Blogathon! And thanks to agaran, aussie_nyc and kizlj, moocowrich, and previously-thanked people, I'm up to $778 raised for RAINN!

Please sponsor me!

Other LJers doing Blogathon include faecat, slipjig, and zarhooie... sponsor them, too! (And if you're doing it and I don't know about it, just let me know!)

Remember, even if you can't sponsor, you can pimp this mother out.

Daily Science
"The 20cm Spiny Penis of the Argentine Lake Duck". Plenty of info there about the sex organs of birds, with or without penises. (Only 3% of bird species have them!)

Also, pigs have a corkscrew penis.

You're welcome.

Daily BPAL
These will slow down tremendously as I get caught up. Many of these are part of a big batch I got from enderfem, or as here-try-this! from you guys. I'm currently not swapping for anything new, just things I already know I love, to allow myself a chance to get caught up. I'm overwhelmed!

After today, I will have 17 imps left to review. Of course, I've been getting frimps with my swaps, so that may well increase. I have a few incoming swaps for new stuff. But mostly established stuff.


Cathedral: Venerable and solemn: the scent of incense smoke wafting through an ancient church. A true ecclesiatical blend of pure resins.

In bottle: Hey, that's some of the same incense as Kathmandu!

On me: The resins come out under it. It's nothing like Kathmandu actually on me, but I still like it. Hmm, some smoke. And sweetness. EDIT: And now it's just smoke and RenFaire incense. :( I want my 10ml of Kathmandu!

Perversion: The perfect scent to wear to your next bondage ball, dungeon adventure or sojourn to your favorite pleasure dome. Smoky rum and black tobacco with a whisper of steamy leather with a splash of crystalline chardonnay, layered over a sensual, sweet, and deceptively magnetic base of tonka.

In bottle: Very sweet.

On me: Mmmm. Still very sweet. Just a hint of the rum and tobacco. A light fruitiness, which may be the chardonnay. Is nice. The darker favorites, but more subtle. About ten minutes into it, the leather surfaces, still with a sweetness overlaying it. Interesting!

Anne Bonny: Named in honor of the most notorious female pirate to ever set sail. Wicked, cruel, beautiful, intelligent, resourceful and dangerous: a true role model. A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense.

In bottle: Dirty hippie.

On me: Dirty hippie. Swap.

Jester: Huckleberry and red currant with the incisive bite of neroli.

In bottle: Shiny! The currant of Red Queen, with something sweet.

On me: Fruitylicious. Too fruitylicious? Let's wait and see. *sniff* Yeah, I'm Fruit Stripes gum. This one can go find a new home. EDIT: I think I actually smell aspertame here. Huckleberry = evil!
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