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Flattery will get him everywhere.

kires: "You still had shapely hips and a great ass, even at 87 lbs., as I recall..."

Elsetime in the conversation:

shadesong: "I'm 97 pounds - and quite probably back up to a C-cup."

kires: "Woohoo! Amazing boobs without surgery!"

shadesong: "The cake and milkshake diet!"

kires: "That's gotta be the coolest diet ever!"

I particularly like the hips-and-ass comment; I never did quite lose my ass, and I have always been fond of my (reportedly eminently grabbable) hips.

Related: Kires and I seem to be unable to talk to each other lately without going into raging-lust mode. Which is different from every other conversation because, um, well... it's more extreme now. I believe that this calls for a visit. A nice long visit. Mmm.
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