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In going back through my old entries, hughcasey found the old Anonymous Sex Confessions threads, where I'd enabled anonymous commenting and elicited confessions. He asked me to do a new one; I declined, because there are people who are real dicks about abusing that, and I feel that it's important to have a safe space for people who are confessing.

So he opened one.

And got rather a lot more than he bargained for.

I think - and tell me if I'm wrong, Hugh - that Hugh kinda glossed over the heavier confessions in my posts in favor of the titillating ones. But he couldn't ignore them when they were in his LJ. He wanted sexy fun. He got a bunch of serious stuff, including some stuff that he probably didn't want to know (I know I don't like it when I get that sort of confession). So he backed off and shut it down and, well... it is clear that he did not realize what he was in for.

My comment to him...

The idea of the confessional is sacred.

And I'm not just talking about Catholicism. Confession is universal, even when it's not stated as such. Saying "It is safe to confess" unlocks something inside people.

It is Necessary.

It is not easy for the person in the booth, behind the screen. Which is why I only do my "tell me a secret" polls every so often.

Confession is sacred. In requesting and receiving confession, you act on behalf of deity; you are deity's vessel.

Whether you meant to be or not. :)

There is something near-primal in the very idea of confession. Especially anonymous confession. To lay your soul bare, completely anonymously... to get things off your chest that you could never say out loud, not to anyone. To be assured that this is a safe space, that this goes no further.

A whisper into the night.

It is an extremely powerful concept.

If you say "Tell me anything," you will get anything and everything. It won't all be kinky fun stuff. It'll be the darkest things, too.

I'm not kidding or exaggerating when I call it a sacred duty. To me, it is.

The world needs confessors. The world needs sin-eaters.

Read the job description before you apply. :)

My next "tell me a secret" is coming. It will be a particularly interesting and special one.
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