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Medical Update

I'd say "First, the good news", but... there's not really any bad news today. Yes, I pretty definitely have fibromyalgia on top of everything else. But I have a doctor who listens. And those are pretty damn rare.

The best news, then.

97 pounds.


Healthy weight range for someone my height is 95-105. So I'm there. I am finally back at a healthy weight for my body. I am very happy about this.

(And I'm pretty sure I'm a C-cup again. Must go get measured.)

Now I can just eat til I'm full, and not past that point into nausea. I'd been bordering on an adversarial relationship with food again, and this nips that in the bud.

So on to the fibro news.

I talked to Dr. Z about Neurontin and/or Lyrica. She didn't like the idea. Unlike other doctors, though, Dr. Z will explain why she doesn't like an idea, and tell you why her recommendation would probably help more. Direct quote: "We're a team on this. You don't tell me what to do, I don't tell you what to do. We decide together." And we decide with all the information on the table.

I don't deal well with "Because I'm the $AUTHORITYFIGURE and I say so." :)

Her reasons for not liking Neurontin or Lyrica as a first line of fibro treatment for me -

* The "two birds with one stone" thing? Not so much. Neurontin and Lyrica are apparently crap at treating seizures, and she doesn't think either would work well enough to be a standalone treatment for the epilepsy.
* The primary use of both of them = diabetic neuropathy, which is a different sort of pain. It'll treat pain. But there are other things that treat fibro pain better.

We talked about her recommendation, which is Cymbalta. We talked about theoretically why antidepressants help fibro pain. We talked about the chemical differences between Neurontin and Lyrica - not many; pretty much, Lyrica was developed because Neurontin's in the public domain now, so the company wanted a shiny new drug for diabetic neuropathy to make mad cash off of. (Dr. Z = not a whore for Big Pharma.)

"I will give you Neurontin if that's where your faith is," she said, "but I think Cymbalta controls chronic pain better." And since the Neurontin would not get me off the Trileptal anyway, I went with the Cymbalta. So. We'll see.

Hey! 97 pounds. :)

EDIT: Oh, and I got some omega-3 fatty acid pills, since a bunch of you recommended them. *nod*
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