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Friday morning post from retrohaven!

My internet is down. Has been all morning. So I came over to borrow a cup of internet from manifestress. She's giving me coffee, too. Karla = doubleplusgood!

Happy birthday to gegenschein!

Happy early birthday to iroshi!

The usual. The pain has been manageable these past two days, though - yay!

Thanks to chaoticmatter and Anonymous, we're up to $615 for RAINN! :) (Remember, if I haven't listed you, I just don't know who you are - tell me! :))

Please sponsor me!

Daily Science
Okay, so, string theory. Superstrings vibrate in the 10th dimension, creating subatomic particles.

And you say, "WTF, mate? The first dimension is length, the second is width, the third is depth. Okay, the fourth is time. WTF are all these other dimensions?"

And I say, "Just look over here, y0."

Other cool links
An excellent post on LJ etiquette

The Museum of Food Anomalies

Ballon molecules. Like balloon animals. But molecules.

Peoples Archive: Videos of "the great thinkers, creators, and achievers of our time."</a>

Daily BPAL
No daily BPAL today, because I did not bring any to Karla's kitchen. But! My box is finished. :) I decided not to do the mosaic. I took the box to the table this morning and gave it a good luck. And the box said to me, if you do the mosaic, I will be ungepachka.

So I said hmm. And I cleared away the glass and looked at what was there. Rosewood-stained box with recessed lid. Lovely thick art paper in beige with puzzle-pieces outlined in brown. Skeleton key glued to the dead center of the box.

Very simple. It works. It does not need any more. And it is now filled with BPAL. *nod* It could use some dividers so the imps stand upright, but otherwise, we're good.

Friday memeage!
Grey pirate tee (white skull and crossbones on lower right side, beaded-butt jeans, Happy Bunny panties and socks.

Crown Duel, by sartorias.

Doctor's appointment at 1:30 is the big thing. Other than that, nothing really. Adam and I need to work on the basement, if my pain-thingie allows it. The problem with the basement is that all the comic-boxes are lined up there to be sorted and purged. Very organized. But they take up a hell of a lot of space. And the only place there was room to line them all up was in front of my altar, filing cabinet, and built-in writing/art desk. So I have had little to no access to those areas for like a *year*, and messes have sprung up accordingly. Nyargh. This must stop.

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