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AIM log in lieu of coherent post

About yesterday at the clinical psych's office, regarding short-term memory:

Remembering things and repeating them?
The thing with math is that you have to hold one operation in your head as you do another, then do stuff with the results.
Which is easy if your hippocampus and temporal lobe are functional.
I couldn't do anything that wasn't utterly basic. The first operation would just slide right out of my head.
And that was the written test.
The verbal...
Sample. Paraphrasing, because of course I don't remember!
Mangosteen has 3 red paper clips, 7 green paper clips, and 6 blue paper clips in a drawer. What are the odds of him picking up a green paper clip?
Now, forget even working out the prob/stat thing.
I can't hang onto how many paper clips there are.
I can hang onto the fact that they're three different colors. But I can't keep the numbers connected to the colors.
And I remember being perfectly capable of doing this before brain damage and drugs.
Yesterday was very Flowers for Algernon for me.
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