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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to enderfem, silme, wcg, and ysabel!

Hello to new reader cihuateteo!

I seem to be having an okay meds day so far.

Today would have been tx_db8r's 22nd birthday. She died a year-and-some months ago. Before she could get married (she was engaged) or turn 21 or finish college or, or anything.

I don't know what happens after you die. I do not have a good sound theory. The closest thing I have to a theory is that maybe we all go where we expect to go, where we believe we will go. Heaven, Hell, Valhalla, the Summerland, reincarnation, worm food.

I don't know what Liz believed. Her illness came on so suddenly, she died so suddenly, that there was no time to talk about this stuff. She was just there-and-gone.

But if she believed in an afterlife, I hope she is in the best Heaven in it. And I hope that she knows that she is still thought about down here. Not just by her family, but by people she never even met, too.

Happy birthday, Liz.

Daily science and Daily BPAL later, because I don't feel much like it right now...
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