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BPAL: Carnaval Diabolique

The scents were out at yesterday's Will Call. The forumites... did not write stuff down. *facepalm* See, I would have had the notebook out. But I was not there.


From wandering the forums, this seems to be what we're getting:

Xanthe The Weeping Clown (kind of like a cherry blowpop)

The Candy Butcher (sweet and dark) (super foody and chocolately but on the skin but it kinda lost the chocolate) (some vanilla?)

The Organ Grinder

MME Moriarty, the Misfortune Teller (almost smelled kinda smut-y at first, then as it dried down a peppery/woody note kinda came out, then about 2 hours later it was more sweet and vanilla-ish) (Very light and a little powdery)

Faith, the Siamese Twin (a beautiful lightly sweet scent with maybe a touch of floral)

Hope, the Siamese Twin (ROSE but different from Rose Red it was hard to say but it didn't seem green at all but more red and maybe slightly sweet)

Doc Constantine

(Female name that no one remembers), the Ringleader (rather buttery, perhaps the rum scent from earlier incarnations) (very sweet, buttery and yummy on the skin) (a nice golden scent)

Fire Eater or Fire Dancer (fire something)

And everyone is saying stuff like "Oh, I love the Siamese twins best of all!" but no one's saying what they smell like. And people love Hungry Ghost Moon, but no one's describing that, either. *exasperated huff*
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