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*bangs head against wall*

Seen on /games on KoL... "im on grammar patrol i guess"

*is speechless*

And he was *serious*.

Kids today. I swear.

In other KoL news, my main is a Seal Clubber 4 muscle points away from level 12, where she will acquire dual-wield and then ascend. My multi is a Sauceror, and will be doing a Pastamancer run next (currently 3 shy of Level 8) so I can crank out the chows. Stupid nerfing. (Multi abuse? What multi abuse? *bats eyelashes*)

This post is for half the people who don't give a shit about BPAL. For those who are perplexed by both, go ahead and scroll back to the naked picture. Or request a post topic, either way. Or both. Or, hey! Give me an idea for a Blogathon incentive.
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