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How the 'songbrain works, or doesn't:

"I should stain the BPAL box."

*heads into kitchen for BPAL box, sees stack of filing*

"I should file that stuff. All the stuff. To compile the file of art projects that I can do, either for money or because it will please me."

"I should make a list of all the art-related stuff I have to do... the filing, the organizing of supplies... ahhh, that's so much work!"

*checks e-mail instead*

You notice that I'm not starting out with a big task. I'm starting off with a manageable task. It just gets cross-associated and inflated until it looms huge and is then too big to be done, and maybe I can do it tomorrow.

I am pleased to report that I actually realized that that was what I was doing just now, and that I have gone out and stained the damn box.
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