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Important disability-application question

I see the disability doctor later this week, so she can evaluate whether the epilepsy and side effects disable me enough for a gummint check. (Yes, I'm terribly nervous about that, thanks for asking.)

Since I started the disability process, I have developed another condition that would qualify me for disability.

Do I tell this doctor? Do I have my primary-care doctor (who I have to call today) tell the adjucator? Do I call the adjucator? Do I include a note with my epilepsy-related paperwork?

This is complicated. And I have been running on not much sleep these last few days, which impairs my decision-making abilities.

On the other hand: I think there's a reason for everything, and that maybe the reason for this is to allow me to try Lyrica or Neurontin, both of which are cleared for use in both epilepsy and neuropathic pain. And maybe the reason we're still in Atlanta is so this could be uncovered by a doctor that I have an existing and friendly relationship with. And I'm going to go call her office now, actually. (EDIT: Called and left message. I am a good girl. *decisive nod* Am now on hold with the opthalmologist's office, because this is the month we check and see if I have glaucoma yet.)
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