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Selling smelly stuff

Those of you who do not give a shit, I ask your forbearance.

It wasn't til ydnic asked to buy my Lush stuff that I realized that there was a secondary market in Stuff What Is Not BPAL, too. As I walked away from our mini-meet-and-swap with $18 to put towards more BPAL, I realized that people might want to buy other smelly stuff, too.

I have accumulated a bunch of smelly stuff over the years. People give it to me because I have two X chromosomes, and therefore I should want to smell like flowers. I do not want to smell like flowers. But some of you do.


How do I price this stuff? Example: I have this. It's $45 new. How much ought I to ask for it?

I have so much crap. Help me get rid of my crap. (And get more crap, but in dainty little bottles.)

Step three: Profit!
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