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Happy birthday to the wonderfully surreal merovingian!

Hello to new reader brycentara!

Me: "I need my pills."
Adam: "Ah, yes." *fetches pills*

Daily Science
How do brains filter data?

Daily BPAL
The way I shop for BPAL has changed... being as I still have over two dozen imps to test, I'm not currently looking for imps. If you want to swap with me, I'll swap with you! But what I'm looking for is bottles. I might like a bottle of Herr Drosselmeyer. Scratch that - I would like one, but I'm not as desperate for it as I am for a bottle of Beaver Moon (out of my price range on eBay); I can see myself wanting to smell like spice-cake cupcakes more often than Grandpa's tobacco pouch. I have two bottles of Torture King coming to live with my 2/3 bottle, so I can settle down about that one.

And I need a bottle of Blood Moon. Damn you, wytchchyld! My initial description last night, compiled from AIM with mgrasso: Whoa mama! Holy hell, I'm yummy. Blood, yes. And cinnamon, and something feral. So edible. Drink Me is lickable on me... The feral note in this makes me want to *BITE*.

Also on eBay, but I need to save my money for the Carnaval Diabolique update. Dammit.

Lick It: What else could possibly be more lickable at Yuletide? This is a candy cane perfume, minty, sweet and sugared.

In bottle: Candy cane with a touch of chocolate. Adam says Andes Candies.

On me: It's really amazing how exactly like a candy cane this is. The mint keeps it from being too sugary. *sniff* I like this quite a lot, but more as a novelty scent. Re: I don't need to obsess over getting a bottle. :)

Chaite: I'm... not getting a description of this anywhere. *is puzzled* wytchchyld, is this not BPAL?

In bottle: Lightly woodsy/spicy...

On me: Spices. Not as dark as Kathmandu. Peppery? Peppery-lightspicy-sweet. I wish my nose was better educated! With descriptions, I can usually say "Oh yeah, that's the $NOTE, with the $OTHERNOTE", but not here. It does not smell un-chai-like. Yeah, is that tea? Is this a very peppery chai in a vial instead of a glass? Or is it just the name doing that to my brain? This is interesting. *sniff* The pepper fades to a sweetness. Nice. Yes, this is a glass of chai. This can't be BPAL. Y'all would've told me if BPAL made chai.

Tarot: The Star: No catalog description.

In bottle: Sweet and coconutty.

On me: Very. Very. Coconutty. That's not a Good Thing, in case you were wondering.

...and now there's citrus. You put the lime in the coconut. Ew ew ew get it off me!

Honey Moon: Honey Moon contains five different honeys, ranging from pale and sweet to deep and heady, with hints of jasmine, white gardenia, Hawaiian white ginger and thyme.

In bottle: Gardenia.

On me: Gardenia. Oh goddamit. I love honey, I love ginger, I like thyme, can I *please* get something, anything, from this thing that's not gardenia?

*keeps sniffing* Apparently not. That's ridiculous. *stomps around angrily* Nyargh! Stupid gardenia. *pouts mightily* I can't remember who was going to send me a half-imp of this - tidesong? Was it you? Do not bother. *pout* It's so weird. In every other honey scent, the honey rides high. This one? Five honeys, and all I'm getting is big stupid gardenia.

Friday memeage...
Polka-dot pajamas

Wintersmith, by Terry Pratchett.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with Adam today, imp-swapping with bheansidhe today (who should let me know what time works for her).
Mini meet-and-sniff with ydnic at JavaMonkey tomorrow.

Must stain that box and edit today.

I have gardenia and coconut wafting all around me. I smell like Gilligan's Island. I'm off to shower.
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