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Scenes from a bad brain day


* Get breakfast-bread out of packet
* Put breakfast-bread in toaster
* Pour coffee
* Realize that the reason the toaster hasn't pinged is because you forgot to turn it on
* Realize that your coffee is cold
* Nuke coffee
* Eat toast
* Realize half an hour later that your coffee has been in the microwave all this time; renuke and drink

Mailing stuff:

* Get envelopes
* Go to Gmail to get people's addresses
* Get distracted by lascivious e-mail from silly friends
* Wander off to LJ
* Wander off to webmail
* Remember the envelopes; return to Gmail
* Address one envelope
* Go fetch tea to include in package - see open breakfast-bread packet from two hours ago
* Get stationery, write note, bubble-wrap imps, seal package
* Go to Gmail to get people's addresses
* Go to swaplist to see what ayalanya is getting
* Edit swaplist
* Get distracted by iTunes
* Go to get more stationery - get distracted by cat
* Pet cat
* Read magazine next to cat
* Go to check e-mail, remember that you were supposed to be mailing imps
* Go to swaplist to see what Alanya's getting
* Get imps
* Go to get stationery
* Go to get tea
* Pour more coffee

...this is my day. I am not really retaining any information. At all. So. All things that require a functional brain are tomorrow things.

I did mail Elayna's care package, and BPAL for Spooky, ayalanya, and lore. Everyone gets tea. Yay tea!
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