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Odin's Day

Hello to new reader nycorson!

Overdid yesterday. Ow. Seriously. Ow.

I am so frustrated right now. SO frustrated. Would you like to know why?

In my dream, I went to a bookstore. And I had plenty of free time in the dream, and I was alone, so no one was saying "come on, let's go!", so - bliss. And I got to peruse the entire sci-fi/fantasy section. There was a new book, someone's debut novel - I read the first chapter and flipped through the rest a bit more to determine that I would like it, and put it in the stack. I selected about 20 books. Narrowed that down to 4, because even in my dreams, I'm on a budget, I guess. And I bought those four and continued on my way.

And then I woke up.

It's not not getting to read the rest of that book that's frustrating me... uncharacteristically for me, I remembered lots of detail and have written it down. So maybe I'll write it myself.

What frustrates me is... one of the other books was a new Vorkosigan novel.

And I do not get to keep it.


And I do like the Chalion stuff, but... Miles. I want more Miles. (Actually, this book focused a bit on Mark and Cordelia, from what I recall of the back cover. But still!)

Daily Science
Newfound Island Graveyard May Yield Clues to Dodo Life of Long Ago

...Over the last few weeks, however, a team of scientists has been exploring a trove of dodo fossils that may be as old as 3,000 years. Along with the dodos, the scientists have found fossils of other species of birds, reptiles, bats and numerous plants.

"You name it, we've got it," Kenneth Rijsdijk, the team's leader and a physical geographer at the Geological Survey of the Netherlands, said in a phone interview. "We've found the whole ecosystem."

The scientists expect the site to offer the first clear picture of the dodo's ecological world before humans arrived. It may allow them to better understand how dodos and many other species became extinct.

Fantastic article - read it even if you don't give a shit about dodos. Just the idea of reconstructing an ecosystem like that. Makes me all bouncy-like. (The author blogs about it here, too.)

Daily BPAL

Uranus: Eccentricity - Adventure - Clairvoyance - Defiance - Humanitarianism - Lawlessness - Magnetism - Paradoxes - Astrology - Whimsy - Progress - Electricity - Invention - Satire

Man, I really hate it when she does that.

In bottle: Sharp!

On me: Cloves like whoa! Not just a note of clove. This is like when you're baking, and you open a brand-new jar of fresh cloves, and the smell just permeates the kitchen. This is very single-note on me. Strange, because I'm used to multiple layers from BPAL. But this comes out of the bottle as clove, and clove it stays. tidesong, you would hate this. *laugh* I like it, but thankfully will not need to seek out a big bottle of it, as it is limited-edition.

Endymion: A sweet, wistful blend of d'Anjou pear, Lily of the Valley, bois du rose and white musk.

In bottle: Foody yum, with a tiny hint of musk.

On me: Just plain foody yum. Talking about BPAL at irana's party yesterday, I extended my arms and cried out "Lick me!" Yep. This is lickable. Sweet juicy pears. Hm, wait... lilies coming out to play. And a *hint* of the rose-uck, but so far the lily's winning. The pear went away. Aw. :( And now the rose-uck is fighting its way out. I am sad.

As for why I even have things that have rose in 'em.. I got this at my party in FL, where no fragrance stayed on for very long because we had to wipe it off to make room for a new one...

Kyoto: A gentle, soothing blend of cherry blossom, white sandalwood and star anise.

In bottle: Cherry, but not juicy like other cherry scents.

On me: Juicy cherry! Now musky-sandalwoody cherry. No anise yet, which surprises me. Nice, though. EDIT: And it goes to mentholated cough drops. Swap!

Endymion goes on the swap pile. Reserving judgment on Kyoto... I have another cherry scent, but it's different. EDIT: Kyoto is a no.
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