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Happy Ferrett Day...

Okay, since all y'all are mopey about not getting naked pictures, here you go. Wet naked 'song.

From the original friends-only post: Story of this pic: photognome had been taking picture after picture of me in the hot tub. I finally told him that I cannae take any more - heat overwhelms me. Can't breathe! So he relented, and I climbed out and collapsed into my natural "I'm tired" position, and 'gnome said his now-familiar "Don't. Move."

I find it amusing that people in the sexfilter were complimenting the "pose", as that's just naturally what my body does when it's tired; I curl, I fold, I compact, I become wee. I was asked how long I could "hold that pose". Um. Indefinitely! You can't? *headscratch*

Anyway. Um. Yes. *blush* That's me. And stuff. Parboiled pink from the hot tub. Photographed by 'gnome. Folded up all tired and comfy. There you go. And, um, I'll be over here.

This was in 2005 sometime; I probably weigh there about what I weigh now, or only a little bit less. People who have seen me naked recently, do I look about the same?

EDIT: Since a few people have asked: Yes, you have my permission to save this. Just don't draw a mustache on me with Photoshop or anything, 'k?
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