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(I've not been posting anything I've been writing. In case you miss it... here's a tease. Jessa, about to ask Fenris if he'd consider doing a little favor for her. Well, not so little. Fathering her child.)

I see him through the window – he’s looking out, down Sheridan, his hand curled loosely around his mug. And the old pain resurfaces, and I wonder when I’ll be able to see him without hurting inside, and I think again that this is probably a bad idea.

But I love him.

And with a quick dart of his eyes, I see that he’s seen me, and it’s too late for me to run away. I muster a small smile and enter the coffeehouse. He rises to meet me, saying simply “Jessa.”

Our past is in his voice, the gentle, deep almost-growl. It’s in his eyes, that reflect that same old pain. It’s in the way he does not hug me.

This is a terrible idea.
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