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I require a masseur (or masseuse!) and a hot tub. mycroftca says so. And he is a doctor.

exercise, sleep, massage (repeated 15 times)

do you have a hot tub, or access to one?
just before bed, spend fifteen minutes in it, and then follow that by fifteen minutes of stretches
then go directly to bed
do not stay up cranky late
go to bed at a reasonable hour
do not stay up watching TV in bed, or reading, or chatting on the phone
that might help

OH, do you have a bathtub?
soft music (not close to tub), candles, hot water as hot as you can tolerate, and soak from the top of the neck down
fifteen minutes; no more
use a bloody timer, if you have to
too long will cause too much bloodflow into the muscles and lead to more cramps

full ranges of motion of the arms and legs
rotate and stretch the back and neck
light, easy, not too hard
just to pump the blood out of the muslces
then go to sleep
try it every night for a week
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