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Making stuff

I am making stuff.

And I am really shy about that. Becase I am not a maker of stuff. It is not one of my gifts. But I decided that there were things I wanted to make, and that I was going to try. And I trust y'all to not make fun of me if my stuff sucks.


I am making a box. It is outside right now, letting the stain set; it'll be another few hours before I can do anything else with it. But when it's ready to get dressed up? I have pretty papers, and old-fashioned metal keys, and multicolored broken glass for a mosaic on the recessed lid, and velvet for the inside.

And while I was waiting for the stain to set? I made a mirror. It has an iridescent glass-pebble border. And a key. *waits impatiently for glue to dry*

So. That is what I am doing today. Stretching my self-imposed limits.

*is nervous*

Now I will go read vampire-werewolf-wereleopard-mermaid porn.
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