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And so it begins.

Tomorrow... registration begins for Blogathon 2006.

Blogathon 2006 will be held on July 29. What's a Blogathon? A blogathon is when I post every half hour for twenty-four hours, and you sponsor me by giving money to the charity of my choice. In past years, I've blogged for RAINN and the National MS Society; this year, I think I'm going with Habitat for Humanity, but I am uncertain. I didn't know about Habitat's religious affiliations, and I'm leery of giving to organizations with a religious bent. We shall see.

Anyway. You can't sponsor me til tomorrow. But what you can do is give me one-word writing prompts. Yes. You give me a word, you get flash-fiction. 48 bursts from the writerbrain in 24 hours. (Sponsors get a copy of the whole thing with author commentary!) To raise the difficulty level, I will also be taking prompts during the Blogathon itself. No prewriting. Everything I post during the Blogathon will be written during the Blogathon. This will be my fourth year doing this. As I told mangosteen, this is my eXtreme sport.

Blogathon '06. It's coming. I need an icon for it. And a webcam.

EDIT: Okay, Habitat = potentially discriminatory (see below) and badly-managed (only 70% of funds raised actually go to their programs, as opposed to 91% of RAINN's, for example).

I would like to do something for the Gulf Coast, if anyone knows of a good charity, where good is defined as "helps everybody, and lets everybody help" and "uses funds appropriately". If not, there's always RAINN or the Heifer Project.
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