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*twitch* *twitch*

I am reading Danse Macabre, by Laurell K. Hamilton. So you don't have to.

Page 37: "Welcome, Samuel, Master of the City of Cape Cod."


*open mouth*

*close mouth*

*raise hand*

*lower hand*

Um. But. Cape Cod. Is not. A city.

It's just... okay.

Page 43: "Are you truly what they say you are?"

I struggled to swallow so I could answer. "What do they say I am?"

"Succubus," she whispered as she lowered her face toward mine. I knew in that instant that she was going to kiss me. "I am seeking another of my kind, Anita. Are you what I seek?"

*rolls eyes*

*thumps book closed*

Hey, jesshartley! When you said I could do any panel I want at PiCon, did you really mean it?

Dramatic reading of this book. Anita Blake in 15 minutes. Be there.
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