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The leather pants that ayalanya swapped me for a Zelazny book at Arisia? That I was going to wear to my Friday night panel, but they didn't fit?

They fit now.


*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

EDITs in conversation from AIM:

I am wearing leather pants!
For the first time in... maybe two years!
I grew! *bounce*
I had awesome leather pants, size 6.
And I shrank out of them.
By the time I got the size 4s... I got about two wears out of 'em before I shrank out of *them*.
I had shrunk out of the size 2s before they ever arrived.
This is how rapid my body-crash was.
These? These are a pair Alanya found at Goodwill. Size 0.
And they were too big at Arisia.
And *now they fit*.
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