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Superman Returns

In Superman Returns, Lois Lane has won the Pulitzer Prize for an article entitled "Why the world doesn't need Superman".

Superman Returns shows us, once again, why we do.

This movie is very deliberately and, in some cases, subtly retro. It has to be. Let's face it - Superman is not a product of our times. Superman is a hero of the sort that doesn't exist anymore but, dammit, should exist. Needs to. No other hero is this loved, is this engraved in our hearts. Think of the Iron Giant, soaring up into the sky, one word on his lips:


Spidey is us. Batman is methodical, angst-ridden. No one else is this.

I will not be spoiling anything to tell you that there's an incident with an airplane, and that Superman saves said airplane. He makes sure everyone's okay, and he steps out into the daylight, into a mass of cheering fans, and it's the first they've seen of their hero in five years, and...

Adam and I cried.

Because Superman is not just a comic book character. He is the embodiment of our wish to do good. He is not selfish, he is not cruel. There is nothing in Superman which is not good.

And you just do not see that around here.

And dammit, we need it. If only to remember what we can be, what we should be.

And Brandon Routh pulls it off.

Everyone pulls it off. Spacey is pure charismatic evil, with Parker Posey as his moll. Jimmy Olsen is earnest and puppyish. Marsden, as Lois Lane's fiance, could easily have been written as a creep taking Superman's girl - but he's not, he's a genuinely good guy. They don't take shortcuts here.

Also, there are two Pomeranians. Upon seeing them, I poked Adam and said "It's Zeena and Kalbi!" robyn_ma, I don't know how you got your dogs into the movie, but they were great. Especially Zeena.
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