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Odin's Day

Hello to new reader jfargo, and whoever Joule failed to pick up!

The usual on the brain drugs, and you already know the rest.

Body Pillows?
I've never used one. Recommendations?

Option One - Option Two - Option Three.

(And are they all super-expensive?

Daily Science (well, kinda)
What kind of scientist is Batman?

Daily BPAL
Still sailing the seas of LEs...
Queen of Clubs: Soft, deep earth notes with myrrh, amber, pomegranate, dark incense, red currant, rose and vanilla. (Yes, it's got rose, but I figured I'd take a chance...)

In bottle: Mostly red currant, with a touch of vanilla.

On me: The same... with amber rising beneath to bolster it. And... dammit. There's the rose. Uncharacteristically, the rose doesn't *completely* choke the scent... there's some pomegranate beneath it. Come on, pomegranate, smack down that rose! And... poo. Rose is winning.

Torture King: The King of Pain, the Famed Fakir. Frankincense and sweet clove, mandarin and bourbon, lemon peel and leather, grasses and smoke, lime and vetiver, ambergris and deep musk.

In bottle: Leather and grass.

On me: Leather and grass. Heh. Oooh. There's the clove. Yeah, baby. And the musk. Not getting any of the citrus, which is a Good Thing. Mmmm. Torture King is right - this is a male scent. And when I say male scent, I mean this is Scent Of Man. I could see members of the Kirayth wearing this one. Mmmm. The leather is re-emerging from the musk and riding high, but not overwhelming anything else. I adore this. I want to put it on Kires, too.

Hm. Dies down to sweet grasses with the memory of leather. This is a campsite left behind in the first shards of morning, after a night of sex, magic, and storytelling.

Geek: A snarling, feral scent, ever-so-slightly slightly deranged: hot leather, opoponax, cedar, pine needle, mosses, dry grass, patchouli and cinnamon bark.

Note: I tried this on yesterday, and the cat loved it. So far, the cat loves Geek and Beaver Moon, and hates Montresor. He's neutral on the rest.

In bottle: Clean smell - those woods and mosses.

On me: Grasses, mosses... there's the pine. There's something musky, but no musks are listed - is this the way the woody scents react with the leather, or is opoponax a musk? Smoky-musky, leathery. Feral, yes. Torture King is sweet, and Geek is dark. And they are both wonderful. This one is aggressive. Ooooh. I keep smelling myself. Need more Geek!

Enraged Orangutan Musk: Five dark, aggressive, furious musks with ambergris bouquet, Malaysian rainforest plant extracts, black amber and orange peel.

In bottle: I'm smelling the plants, not the musks.

On me: Still got the plants. Which is not bad... plant-y smells seem to work well on me. *sniff* *sniff* Hrm. I'm getting a whiff of the chemical ew that denotes something in the rose family. And there's the orange peel. And I want to like this just because of the name, but - I do not.

I need a bottle of Geek, and an empty bottle of Torture King (I have three more imps coming of the latter - I need to store them in a sense-making way). But Geek, I only have an imp, and I must have more. I must.

I am very glad their leather scent works on me, as I love the smell of leather. (Which should surprise no one.)

*adds Geek to bottle-wishlist, where it joins Beaver Moon, Bengal, Drink Me, and Fenris Wolf*
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