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This is where I ask for help.

Yesterday was not great... I took Ambien the previous night in order to get some sleep, and it generally screwed me up, sleep-schedule-wise.

Last night was much worse. Why?

Well, see this? Scroll down about halfway, and you'll get a nice little map of tender points. (Me to my newer kinky bedpartner: "Isn't that handy? You can draw little frowny faces on me in those places with a Sharpie, so you know where not to hit!") During my exam on Friday, I had pain in all of those save the knees.

Yesterday, I developed that tenderness in the knees.

I'm a side sleeper.

So. Yeah. Every time my body naturally turned into a sleeping position, my knees would touch each other, and the pain would wake me.


So yeah. Back pain, centered on those two spots right above the butt - leg pain - arms, et cetera. And the knee thing keeping me from sleep.

I know there are a bunch of you living with this. So. My question: Got any tips, tricks, and ideas for me?
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