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There is a rice pudding at Floataway Cafe that is the best rice pudding in the world. The rice is cooked to perfection; the spices permeate it beautifully. This is the sort of dessert that one savors.

There is a bread pudding at another local restaurant that is the best bread pudding ever. It is so rich, with cinnamon and brown sugar and bourbon and the sweetness of cooked raisins.

One day, these puddings met. And they fell in love. And they had fabulous epic pudding-sex. It was the stuff legend is made of. And in their puddingy lovemaking, they dissolved into each other, their puddingy essence evaporating, leaving only pure elemental liquid.

And Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab gathered this liquid and put it in a bottle and labeled that bottle "Drink Me", and that is what I am wearing right now.

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