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John Byrne thinks you're an asshole.

Adam points out the controversy about Alan Moore's Lost Girls. Apparently, if you bought Lost Girls, John Byrne thinks you're an asshole.


This led Adam to the following: It should be noted that John Byrne also thinks you're an asshole if you: Breathe on him, read any Peter David comics, wear white after Labor Day, have ever touched an issue of Spawn, put mayonnaise on your hamburger, feed the ducks, rock down to Electric Avenue without taking it higher, drink Pepsi, or taunt Happy Fun Ball.

But there's more. Of course there's more.

Please complete the following sentence, dear readers. John Byrne thinks you're an asshole if...

(Please reserve Chris Claremont stories for another post, unless they have to do with John Byrne.)

(In other news, I am getting productive writing done, because Capri is in the shower. Yes, seriously, that's why. Gives Julia and Halloran a chance to get to know each other.)
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