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Tew's Day

And lo, upon this day, thirty-six years ago, the seven seals were broken, and robyn_ma was unleashed upon the world! And I say unto you: ph34r.


Also, hello to new readers pixelmonster, sartorias, and zenren!

Blech. Woozy. The Ambien served to knock me out, but I woke up even earlier than usual! Here's hoping for some rest today. Otherwise... well. Bleary and brainfoggy.

Daily Science
Largest Map of Universe Yet Bolsters Theories about Dark Energy

Daily BPAL
It's Limited Edition Day, children!

La Fee Verte: A variant on the absinthe theme. Sugared wormwood, hyssop and melissa with calamus, angelica and Dittany of Crete, blended with a Bohemian perfume of vanilla musk, honey absolute and Moroccan spices.

In bottle: Hrm. Undifferentiated chemical.

On me: Lemon! Aw, man... *sigh* Lemon with a tiny bit of musk. No honey, no spices. Lemon.

Tell-Tale Heart: This is a swollen, pulsating, thudding scent, heavy with dread; a steady, unceasing, throbbing harbinger of retribution and doom: blood musk, cocoa, black pepper, allspice, dragon’s blood resin and vetiver.

In bottle: Dragon's blood.

On me: Ooooh. Okay, there's the cocoa. And the musk. That all mixes nicely with the dragon's-blood base... hmm. I smell something sweet, but I can't identify it. The cocoa weaves in and out. Yum.

Snow White: A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.

In bottle: Something slightly fruity, actually.

On me: Yeah, I'm getting fruity, with only a slight overlay of floral. This is light and sweet.

Dia de los Muertos: This is a Mexican paean to La Huesuda: dry, crackling leaves, the incense smoke of altars honoring Death and the Dead, funeral bouquets, the candies, chocolates, foods and tobacco of the ofrenda, amaranth, sweet cactus blossom and desert cereus.

In bottle: Foody, with a hint of the tobacco.

On me: Getting those funeral bouquets. Little bit of smoke. Some sweetness... everything's sweet today!

Wow, I am just way too exhausted to be awake and trying to function. Will have to re-try those later/tomorrow. Brain fried. Back to bed.
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