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'song: *ahem* Pardon me. Writerbrain?

Writerbrain: Yah?

'song: We were supposed to be writing about Fenris.

Writerbrain: Oh yeah. I remember you saying something about that.

'song: Fenris and Julia. That scene in the basement.

Writerbrain: Yep.

'song: I can't help but notice that you're not doing that.

Writerbrain: Nope.

'song: ...

Writerbrain: See, look. Capri. We're writing about Capri.

'song: ...

Writerbrain: You like Capri.

'song: I do. But... Fenris.

Writerbrain: Fenris and Julia are all aggro right now.

'song: As they should be.

Writerbrain: Capri is more fun.

'song: Yes. Capri is fun. But goofing off writing about Capri bouncing around the penthouse giggling about how awesome her girlfriend is is...

Writerbrain: Fun?

'song: Well, yes. But ultimately nonproductive.

Writerbrain: Here. Have a piece of chocolate.

'song: But I...

Writerbrain: It's Vosges...

'song takes chocolate in both hands and sits down, nibbling.
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