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Late afternoon miscellany

* Part of the appeal of BPAL is that it brings back the childhood excitement of getting something in the mail. Which I never truly lost, as you can see in my treatment of Shayara's mail system. :) It seems that people don't just send imps (fragrance samples), they send tea, stickers, cards... *sets aside tea for next set of swaps* Nice little things! So it makes me bounce to get a little package these days, because one never knows what will be in it.

Today's BPAL, won on eBay: La Fée Verte. Oh, I had to. I paid remarkably little for it, too, so yay! And with the green faerie... a 2.25 x 2.75 antiqued silver purse or pocket mirror with a Frida Kahlo painting on back; 3 heavy quarter-sized black metal spider charms ready to string on a black leather cord; 3 sandalwood-scented glycerin soaps shaped like fortune cookies, in a tiny bright blue replica of a Chinese take-out container; 2 packets of French laundry powder, Woods & Berries and Flowers & Herbs; a one-pot packet of ground Cafe Godiva Creme Brulee coffee; 3 strings of super shiny Mardi Gras Beads - a strand of tiny green alligators, a strand of purple stars and crescent moons and one of gold mermaids. And imps of Tell-Tale Heart, Snow White, and Dia de los Muertos. And she ended up including two extra strands of Mardi Gras beads. *bounce*

* Other joy in The Mail: an imp of Black Forest from Spooky, and one of those wee bean plants in a can that has a message on the bean, and a note that voices Spooky's hope that the package finds me feeling well, happy, and loved.

*grin* I am not always well. (Right now, I am too achy to sleep, and sleep is what I need to stop the achy!) I am often happy, but not always.

But I always know that I am loved. Always that. :)

* Burned through the backed-up comment notifications.

* Will continue writing after dinner. *nod*
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