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Audience Participation!

I'm going through my LJ e-mail, which got backed up to 500 comment-notifications again. Expect answers to old questions! But also I found this, from chaoticmatter:

I'm a long time reader, occasional commentor, and I have a bit of a plea for help. I'm starting a fiction project that is searching for a city to take place in, and I'm leaning towards Boston. I could post this on my own LJ, but no one on my friends list lives even remotely close to Boston!

Would it be possible to ask for a shout out to the people of Boston on your friends list for information regarding the city? Not just historical, official stuff, but quirks and neat places to go, things like that. I would really appreciate it, as it would help me get a feel for the city. I'd hate to write it poorly!

Bostonians, former Bostonians, Boston-lovers - pitch in!
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