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Word of explanation

* This is a bad meds day; this is, in particular, a day when I have to fight to finish every thought. So I am trying to work it out on "paper", to push through it. What this means for you is logorrhea. And... me possibly not always making perfect sense. And not replying to anything that requires coherent thought.

* The writerbrain is mired by all of the rest of the stuff that's going on in my world. *sigh* I need to get to the writing. In particular, I'd like to finish the Fenris-and-Julia bit from the "I can't" prompt. Fenris has been on my mind quite a lot lately.

* Got some cleaning done in Miss Kid's room, and I feel good about that.

* Also, a note, already communicated to the person in question: remember my dilemma over something that I found unpleasant and distressing, and the person thought I should have specified it as a hard limit, but I didn't, because I've always been fine with it before him and one other person?'s a pain thing. Meaning, my limit has moved, due to the possible-fibromyalgia. My pain processing has gone unpredictable. That's what it is. I'm currently unable to manage my usual degree of painsluttery. I ... really hope that that is not permanent.

* Post-shower, I smell like BPAL's Beaven Moon. What does Beaver Moon smell like? Spice-cake cupcakes, lavishly frosted.
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