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Important People

The problem is that I have a lot of Important People, and not enough travel budget and time to spend with them. (This is another big reason for the move - many of my Important People are in the Northeast.)

I was reminded of this on AIM the other day, when I was discussing the HeroesCon option with someone and realized that he hadn't known that Asim was an Important Person.

Him: "You have a lot of Important People!"
Me: "Mmm. I guess I do!"

I am a magnet. I am, per one person's description, a "ball of fire" energywise, much bigger than I actually am. I have a "shine". And this draws a lot of people near. (And I say "shine" in a metaphysical way, not "look, I'm shiny!", and, um, Charles de Lint's wife concurs.)

*peers out at LJ audience* Hi.

But yes. It draws a few crazies, but it draws a lot of uber-nifty people. And it is maybe why I have more Important People than other people I know... my nexus-ness pulls more people into my orbit, so proportionally I have the same as anyone else; it's just a matter of scale.

Anyway, yes. Asim is an Important Person. So's Monkey, but I am not allowed to visit New York without Adam. *pouts mightily*
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