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I have a free plane ticket, and I am trying to figure out how to use it. Under consideration:

June 30-July 2, HeroesCon, NC - added bonus of spending time with asim
Same bat-time, Cleveland, OH - see Ferrett, meet rest of Clevelanders and honorary Clevelander catvalente and Chicagoan scathedobsidian, who has expressed a willingness to travel to meet me

And here we get into the nebulous zone of "when will Adam get the job", because as soon as he does, I must devote my entire life to packing up this damned house. I will have the help of Spooky and the Scholar, thank goodness, but what I am saying is that I cannot spare the time to travel once Adam has a job offer, and therefore I'm edgy about making way-in-advance plans.

July 14-16, Midwest Haunters Con, Columbus, OH, with Spooky - will Clevelanders come up/down to say hi?

Boston. Anytime.

San Francisco, if things work out well for m0usegrrl... it would be nice for us to have an artistic retreat and come out with a new Shayara comic book!

There's Florida, to spend time with kires, but it's so cheap to go to FL that I don't want to spend a free ticket on it; besides, he's coming up to see me soon.

And yes, I want to see many more of you, but... aagh. I need a wealthy patron.

EDIT: And I need someone local to measure me for a costume, because even if I don't go to Midwest Haunters Con, I'll need it for October, as I shall be putting in some time at Spooky's haunt.
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