Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

BPAL: Medicine Show

I've been slack on reviewing stuff, but decided to try this one today so I can make a decision on whether to buy the rest of the bottle from gegenschein.

A veritable miracle, I tell you! A scent that soothes the spirit and stimulates both the libido and the mind: tobacco, balsam, ginger, elemi and rosewood, with a touch of opium to fuddle your senses.

In the bottle: Hm. Something chemical-y, which surprises me, because I don't see rose or "aquatic notes" listed.

On me: Huh! Totally different. There is a sweetness here. Possibly the rosewood. And now the balsam's coming out.

I get no tobacco or ginger from this; it's much lighter than I expected, too.

....mmmm, okay, there's the tobacco.

I like this. I don't know if I need more... hard to judge, because Adam's cooking, and foodsmells are interfering; I have to keep wandering into the bedroom to smell myself!

Yes, tobacco full-on now. Less harsh than Herr Dross. This is Grandpa's pipe tobacco. Plus balsam.

This is one of those continually-shifting scent portraits.

Definitely keeping the imp. As for buying more... I'll try this again later or tomorrow.

*sniff sniff* Yeah. I'm yummy.
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