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I'm okay.

* Heisenrelationship: Yesterday, I told kires that I needed a "WWKD?" bracelet, because let's face it, kires is always right. So in the absence of Kires, I sat down and reviewed the situation and wondered what advice Kires would give me, and acted accordingly. When I told him about this later, his language was more colorful that what I'd imagined, but yes - very much in agreement. So I feel correct in saying that I need to not have Heisenrelationships just now. The Heisenrelationship now simply = friends who have great sex.

* Body: There was a misunderstanding yesterday, so I speak to correct... I did not deny my diagnosis to my doctor. I'm exercising a little denial to myself, because I do not have the full and official diagnosis yet, and I need to not be freaking out about it. But I'm following my doctor's advice to the letter. I am a smart 'song! And my reaction is not that fibro would be The End Of The World... it's just that I really have too much on my plate already, so far as body malfunctions go. I really need to not have another chronic condition, any other chronic condition, on top of this.

* Sex: There was a shift yesterday that helped me stop worrying about this, about what I want... partly the settling of the Heisenrelationship, but partly something else altogether that I'm not free to discuss. I say to the person, who knows who he is: Thank you.

* Writing: Well, I got that 4K done on the epilepsy book; go me! Yesterday I was fretting about the appointment too much to write durin the day, and after the appointment... let's just say I was not focused on writing. :(

...I have a bunch of other stuff to write about... dealing with my mom, pet adoptions at the shopping center today, et cetera... but I should go get ready for my doctor-recommended massage!
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