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Fancy dinner!

We are going out to a Nice Restaurant tonight. The Nice Restaurant, actually.

Bacchanalia, big sister of Floataway Cafe, is widely acknowledged to be the best restaurant in Atlanta. We've never been. Why are we going tonight?

* We want to.
* As a reward for soldiering on with the job search.
* This one is me being silly... we've been saying for years that the one thing we must do before leaving Atlanta is dinner at Bacchanalia. Maybe Adam doesn't have a job in Boston yet because we haven't gone! So I say to the universe, here is closure; we are done with this place. Move us along.

And even if that last one is preposterous, we still get good food. So.

I am wearing the dress volta bought me two birthdays ago - this is the one I wore to the Sin City premiere, for those who saw me there. Slinky - or it's supposed to be, and will be if I keep re-gaining weight. Right now, it is slightly too big. Hangs wrong on my nearly-exposed bones. But I do not have a dress that would currently fit me properly. So. I soldier on. This dress, retro-forties small scattered polka-dots. Strappy black... heels. Yes, I own them. I just only wear them once a year or so. Lips a matte true-red. Hair in "long, looping ringlets", as Spooky describes it.

The fragrance of the evening would be Miskatonic University, if I had it; Adam loves Lovecraft. In the absence of Misk U, I will wear Montresor. Because Adam likes crying out "For the love of God, Montresor!"

Lab description: The black fruit and vanilla oaken notes of fine Medoc and De Grâve, but not a hint of the elusive Amontillado.

In the bottle: Sweet, with only a slight hint of the wine.

On me: Still sweet; now oaky and fruity. Deep, dark fruit. Only a hint of the vanilla. Mmmm. This is like very nice red wine. Not boozey at all.
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