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I love the mail.

More imps from solcita, an autographed copy of the newest Liaden book from caulay and ahf, and... a package from The Scholar.

I always have a momentary twinge when I see a package from the Scholar, our corrguineacht... because I know that it will be something wonderful and awesome in the oldest usage of both words, and I am not a maker, I cannot adequately reciprocate! I feel guilty in receiving these boons with nothing equivalent to offer.

This time, it is not a spear or a bone goddess - thank goodness, because it would be Too Much if it were, too much without reciprocation! But it is all perfectly corrguineacht. A drawing and Celtic hymn to the sun, and a letter, both on his customary parchment and in his customary formal, stylized writing. A bumper sticker that says "Kali is my co-pilot". Photocopied stories and articles - a retelling of Celtic legend which implies that some Jews traveled with the Tuatha de Danaan (it bothered him, via phone, that I might not be with him in the afterlife, since in his afterlife, they have a feast involving pig as art of the welcome). An article about javelins used by ancient Hebrews (the spear is actually a javelin), with illustration of the use of a throwing-thong like the one he sent me.

And two shells. I quote him: "The shells are both from venomous species of Cone Shells; among the most deadly sea toxins."

They are lovely, patterned in browns and creams. And I am reminded of something Spooky said he told her: That he had held venomous snakes, et cetera... but he had never touched anything that he felt could actually kill him till he hugged me.

It's a compliment, when you're like us.

So. I have BPAL and new sci-fi and old legends and two small beautiful deadly things. It is a good day to be me.
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