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BPAL party on Saturday

Attendees: spc476, the erstwhile photographer... and in the pictures: me, Elayna, Adam, enderfem (the blonde), felisdemens (the brunette), and we_happy_few (the cueball).

enderfem's box of impy d00m! A bunch of these are going home with me.

"Oooh, shiny!" (Shiny enderfem, too.)

Keanuvoice: "Whoa." Newbies: Each of those little white flags is attached to a vial of perfume. Notice that felisdemens has hers in neat little lines of stuff we can have and stuff we can't, where enderfem has hers scattered... and mine are in the little heart-shaped dish, which was made with love, clay, and probably boredom by Elayna, in camp. The smaller box was sent in absentia by blitheandbonny. Yes, there is a gnome on my notebook.

Elayna gets interested (her interest quickly faded as I insisted on trying perfumes on her when I ran out of skin), and Adam stops by to shake his head and sigh.

I like this picture of me. The fact that you can't see my face may have something to do with that. But look! Good hair day! The bottles are 5ml. The socks have sushi on them. My tank top has a skull and crossbones.

Behold the precious!

"Okay, wait, what the hell is in *that* one?" The laptop proved useful for identifying weird scent blends. I have no idea what felisdemens is thinking here.

I ran out of skin on my arms.

Utterly done in by the BPAL, I clutch my nose-clearing coffee grounds and skin-cleaning alcohol wipes and collapse in a heap.

Wait! Just one more imp... oh, fuckit. I'm down. (And yes, I get quite red in the face when I laugh!)
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