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This house is not just uninviting. It is actively hostile.

Take the kitchen, for example.

* The chairs? Hard and awkwardly shaped.
* The coffee filters? Stored at the farthest point of the kitchen from the coffeemaker.
* The cabinets and fridge? Nothing in here can be used to make an actual meal. Unless the meal is breakfast, and all you want for breakfast is cereal. There are many snack foods. There are no ingredients. No rice. No pasta. Instead? Potato chips. With Olestra.

It extends through the house. They have one of those living rooms that one is no allowed to set foot in. It has Murano glass and fake flowers and perfect vacuum tracks. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a parlor.

enderfem or felisdemens, I forget which, said it reminded her of a model home. The kind you walk through at the builders' demonstration. With the wax fruit and fake books. Except that this house has no books. Just coffee-table books, which act not as reading material, but as shorthand to display interests. When looking at the coffee table, you will learn that my parents...

* are Jewish
* want you to think that they know something about art
* watch Dan Rather
* I forget what else, and I'm not going back in there to look, because the aunt who had the nervous breakdown is in there.

There is no clutter. No sign of human life. Even Elayna keeps her room clean here. I think the house has intimidated her.

The lights are on timers. Saturday night, they clicked off in mid-conversation. The house says "Get out."

It is always either far too warm or far too cold. There is no comfort to be had here.

The lights are not fluorescents - but there is still a weird hum in almost every room. I think it's the voices of the damned.

I had to grow up here. *shudder*
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