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Mini-BPAL reviews

* = I now have an imp. EDIT: If I do not have an imp, don't ask to try it. :) All of this was due to inhalation of the collections of Florida-local friends, and said friends retained everything that isn't starred! Unfortunately, in the case of the *heart*ed ones. And yes, I quite desperately want imps of those *heart*ed-but-not *ed ones.

*Holiday Moon: *heart*
Intrigue: *heart*
Budding Moon: *heart*
Hearth: *heart*
13: *heart*
*Red Lantern: *heart* (just ordered 5ml!)
Torture King: *heart*
*City in the Sea: *heart*
Tell-Tale Heart: *heart*
Fenris Wolf: *heart*
*Arachne: *heart*
Golden Priapus: *heart*
Snake Oil: *heart*
*Velvet: *heart*
Kali: *heart*
Tezcatlipoca: *heart*
*Ulalume: *heart*
*Baghdad: *heart*
*Beaver Moon: *heart*
*Endymion: *heart*
*Bengal: *heart*
*Lear: :) :)
*Black Forest: :) :)
*Penny Dreadful: :) :)
*Undertow: :)
*Macchu Picchu: :)
*Jester: :)
*Kyoto: :)
*Centzon Totochtin: :)
Stardust: :)
*Bordello: :)
*Gingerbread Poppet: :)
*Libertine: :)
*Neo-Tokyo: :)
*Numb: :)
*Scherezade: :)
*Anne Bonny: :)
*Namaste: :)
Lady of Shallott: :)
Dorian: :)
Corazon: :)
Severin: :)
Czernobog: :)
Tintagel: :)
Lampades: :)
*Perversion: :)
*Wolfsbane: :)
*Kabuki: :)
*The Lion: :)
*The Red Queen: :)
*Bathsheba: :)
*Athens: :)
Dracul: eh
Gomorrah: eh
Usher: eh
Wanton: :(
Penitence: :(
Leanan Sidhe: :(
Blood Kiss: :(
Hetairae: :(
La Petit Mort: :(
Severin: :(
Seraphim: :(
Madrid: :(
Sudha Segura: :(
Hemlock: :(
French Love: :(
Dirty: :(
Rage: :(
Iago: :(
Imp: :(
Bliss: :(
Viscounte de Valmont: :(
Aeval: :( (ointment!)
Fae: :( ("Oh my god. What did you do to that perfume to make it hate you like that?")
Twilight: :(
Shattered: :(
Herr Drosselmeyer: feh!
Eclipse: feh!
Tum: feh!
Mi-Go Brain Canister: feh!
Baron Samedi: feh!
Casanova: feh!
Baku: feh!

There were more. Many more. In the heat of the moment, I forgot to write a bunch down.

At some point, I will go analyze what notes clearly Do Not Work on me so I can avoid swapping for/spending money for things that are Doomed From The Start. Not today! If anyone spots a pattern, let me know?

And I now have imps of some of these, thanks to (in alpha order) blitheandbonny, enderfem, and felisdemens. *hugs you all* And also bottles! Or Numb, Holiday Moon, and City in the Sea.
Tags: bpal
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