Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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* Elayna says that a monkey wrench is for the loosening and tightening of monkeys.

* Elayna likes Empyreal Mist. But she likes Chimera more. "Mmmmm, honeysuckle!" (Yes, BPAL. Just nod and smile.)

* Elayna was Charlie in her cabin's play of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"! She gets blushy talking about it. "It was only a few lines," she says, all self-deprecating. She wanted to be Veruca Salt. Villains are more fun.

* Elayna is bringing us to her favorite restaurant tonight.

* Elayna is building me a (KoL) chef-in-the-box and a bartender-in-the-box right now, because it was bugging her that I hadn't built them yet this ascension.

* Elayna rocks.
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