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*fistpump* Yes!

I have had a character-related breakthrough! *'songboogie*

Katrianna actually used to be the main character of my story-cycle, way back in... mmm, I guess you could call it phase two. But the story has changed tremendously since then. Everyone else fit cleanly into the story as it is now... but Katrianna's story stuck out like a sore thumb. It didn't fit. Parts were illogical, when considered in light of the story as it now is. Some characters related only to her who should have related to everyone else. And I couldn't make it work. Square peg, round hole.

So I just kinda walked away from it all and let it sort itself out, and it just did. *beam* I love it when that happens.

Connections have been made. Excess characters and unnecessary actions have been carved away. Everything is perfectly logical now.


(Extra yay: Saw irana this evening! And, separately, manifestress!)
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