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Hello to new reader sinthetic_doll!

*pops pills* *waits*

If you've sent me your address - or if you send my your address before 2:00 or so - your BPAL will go out today. If not, it'll go out on Wednesday. (Trip to FL!)

There's one more imp up for grabs: Black Dahlia. Voluptuous magnolias strewn over orchid, star jasmine, black amber and smoky rose.

"Hard Limit" Terminology
I am satisfied that I am not on crack for using the term the way I do.

I find it really interesting that many of the people who chose the latter option chose it because of the way it corresponds to computer-type terminology. I would find it interesting even if the person I disagreed with wasn't a computer geek - but since they are, it's doubly interesting. Things make more sense now. Thanks, guys!

Friday memeage on Thursday, in case I don't have time tomorrow:
Um. Victoria's Secret nightie. Happy Bunny panties.

Firebirds - a short story collection. Recommended by Charles de Lint! Not that he has a story in it. He just likes it. (I still have to write about the signing!)

Apparently, little fictionsnippets from various points in Shayara. As noted last night, I have some nanosong stuff brewing. On the plane tomorrow, I intend to continue working up a package for the epilepsy book. I doubt I'll have time over the weekend. :(

Extended weekend in Florida! The good part of this? Time with Elayna, and getting to see Florida friends. (Although I still count felisdemens as a Boston friend in my head.) The bad part? Being around my parents 24/7. And my aunt and uncle. The cousins are okay, and will be off with my sister most of the time anyway. My sister and oldest cousin are a mere four years younger than me, and two of the three cousins have graduated from college, but I'm the only person of my generation who's considered a grownup, so I'm stuck with the parents. *sigh*
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