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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to hughcasey, ldy, off_coloratura, and roomette!

Exhaustion + nausea. Also - coordination issues and brainfog.

I guess I'm not a grownup.
Per Cognitive Daily, here's that sound that supposedly only kids can hear. Kids and me. Then again, I also hear fluorescent lights, and I've heard that not everyone can do that. So.

Yesterday I tried a bunch of stuff. *nod* Full reviews later, but in very short:

London and Black Dahlia: There's something there that turns to chemical ewwww and, in the case of London, acetone. I think my skin doesn't like BPAL's rose. London has been claimed by solcita; Black Dahlia is available for swap.

Cairo: Heavy incense. Meh. But then it fades from incense to just plain smoke - heavy smoke. I am not a fan. Up for swap.

Chimera: Ooooh. Has cinnamon, but does not turn to red-hots like Wrath did. Turns out to have just enough cinnamon, over copal and honeysuckle. You're dirty sweet and you're my girl. Lasts like crazy, too. Keeper.

The Great Sword of War: A jumble of smells that I don't recognize or like. Up for swap.

Jazz Funeral: Too alcohol-y. Up for swap.

Rapture: Tabu redux. Up for swap.

Thanks, and keep 'em coming!
Your suggestions in the "where do you work?" post are excellent. Thanks, guys! And I'm serious about the cookies and book.
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