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Shayara: the moments between

Looking down on empty streets, all she can see
Are the dreams all made solid
Are the dreams all made real

Her breathing is the only sound.

She closes her eyes, feels the chill seep into her bones. It was here.

Opens her eyes.

She is the only person who can see the city like this. At no time of night is the city every truly still. Especially the Carnival District.

There are three gifts that only the gods have. This is hers: Time.

And she steps between moments.

She pictures the broken glass, she pictures the steam
She pictures a soul
With no leak at the seam

For her, only for her, the Carnival District is silent. The fog is frozen in the act of rolling in, twining about buildings, signs, stones - not like a lover's arms, but like a child's, clinging to its parent.

Let's take the boat out
Wait until darkness
Let's take the boat out
Wait until darkness comes

Just past midnight in a city older than time, neon and marquee lights turning the fog cotton-candy colors, cold and dank and festive and inviting.

She walks.

There in the midst of it
So alive and alone

She remembers.

She remembers. There are three who have never died. She is one. Her memory is not blocked, not diluted by centuries of other incarnations. The memory is sharp; it wounds.

If she wanted to, she could go there. Step back. Witness it.

But not stop it. Never stop it.

Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy's arms again

And she stands, drowning in memory. Before there were neon lights, before there were walls and stone roads; before everything, there was darkness here.

A catch in her breath as she remembers the smell - hot heavy copper rotting into leaves, humus, soaking into earth and loam. A sticky smell, invading not just the nose but the mouth. Pervading everything.

The flowers that grew here, germinated in that blood, were beautiful and toxic.

She half-sits, half-collapses, spreading a hand onto the cold stone. A secret memorial.

It happened before they measured time. So she doesn't know if she really visits this place on every anniversary. She just knows that some nights, she feels something in the air, and she is drawn out.

I remember.
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