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This made me cry.

Helter Shelter
A grim tale of the needle and the damage done.

I got that from wispfox. Part of my comment to her...

Or you get the people who pull up in a moving van to drop off their family pet, saying that they can't take the dog with them and that they were unable to find the animal a home. They drive away, conscious clear, leaving the dirty work for you. Like you're some kind of sin-eater.

*points up* Change "dog" to "cat", and that was Max. My poor boy. They declawed him and defanged him, and dumped him at the shelter when they moved. We were so lucky, both me and him - I went to the shelter that very afternoon and snapped him up.

Max is a wonderful cat. He is sweet and friendly. The only time I ever had any trouble with him was when I was packing to move from Florida to Georgia.

He saw the moving process beginning, and he thought we were ditching him, too.

The move between houses in Atlanta went fine - because, after the move from Florida, he'd realized that I would never dump him.

Both of my boys are shelter cats. Both are neutered.

And I'll add something:

If you want kittens, don't force your cat to bear more young than you can or want to take care of. Go to the shelter and get a freakin' kitten.

But don't forget the older cats. They're less likely to get adopted out, and no less wonderful (Max was five years old when we got him). As the guy who showed us the kittens my ex wanted alongside Max noted, kittens aren't soup yet. You don't know what sort of cat they're going to be. With an adult cat, you know.

Adopt shelter animals. And for the love of whatever god/s you hold dear, spay or neuter your pets.
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