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This is where you get to help.

Where do you work?

I ask because we're still looking for work for Adam. I ask all of you because even if you live in Alaska, your company might have an opening in Boston. Essentially, we know all the universities, but we have no idea what companies to look at. And we really want to look at everything. We can find that dream academic IT job after we get there... it's a lot easier to find a job when you actually live in the city where the job is.

So tell me where you work so we know where to look. Comments are screened, of course, and will remain so. And if you have any way to actually help, please let us know! If you help get Adam hired, I will give you molasses ginger cookies and a free copy of the Shayara primer. (If you're local, you can have a chocolate bourbon espresso cake, but those don't ship well.)

EDIT: What Adam does is academic IT, with a specific interest in community-building and liaison with the academic departments. He's been with the university for ten years, and in that time he's gained experience in pretty much everything but programming - so we're not limiting the search to his precise current job description. He can do lots of things. He's a kickass project manager and tech writer, for example.
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