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Adjustment of reading material for fluctuation of information comprehension and retention capabilities:

Sciencey brainporn to scifi novel to stupid "women's magazine".

Because one must be realistic and not waste bad-brain hours on reading and re-reading the same paragraph when one knows that one will not be able to retain the information. Just switch to lower information density until you hit something that you can skim at your current level, so you can feel like you're not giving up on this reading thing altogether.

Yet another small adjustment that you don't think about.

Fortunately, I'm back up to the sciencey brainporn level. Fluctuations occur throughout the day. The really bad days are when I never get together enough for even the scifi. But today, I am once again able to retain stuff like the article about the Myxococcus xanthus (not available online, looks like - sorry!), which is good, because M. xanthus = pretty cool.
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