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BPAL: Blood Countess

I promise I will write stuff other than BPAL reviews very soon. Pretty much, I'm just waiting for the weekend to end, as I have stuff to write that I think would benefit from input, and this is the lowest-readership day of the week. So.

Yesterday, I gave a cursory sniff to everything I'd yet to try - the one that made me go "oooh" the most was Blood Countess.

Elizabeth Báthory, also called Erzsébet Báthory in Hungarian and Alžbeta Bátoriová-Nádašdy in Slovak, was the Bloody Lady of Hungary. In order to preserve her youth and loveliness, the brutal and incomparably savage countess captured, tortured and slaughtered innumerable young women and bathed in their blood as part of her beauty regimen. Ah, vanity. Corrupted black plum, smoky opium and crumbling dead roses covered by a deceptive veil of Hungarian lilac, white gardenia and wild berry.

Non-perfume-related note: I'd always heard that said "young women" were virgins. But hey.

In the bottle: Lots of plum!

On me: Mmmm. The plum makes it to my skin; the lilac is coming up behind it. Little bit of the rose, but not too much, which is good, because I find roses generic and overpowering. The berry is surfacing, too, which is nice. Barely picking up the gardenia.

This is a far more feminine scent than anything I own. It's interesting. It smells very tasty.

Adam's review: "It smells a lot better than Elizabeth Bathory probably did."

*smells again* It's *sweet*. The plumminess is more present than the floral now. Hm. I think that I like this.
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